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3 Travel Destinations for your Fall Calendar: East Coast Edition

Deb Ivy

Dust off your Almanac and get ready for some weekend road trips! We’ve gathered the top East Coast hot spots. Get ready to explore these idyllic New England locales.

3 Travel Destinations for your Fall Calendar: East Coast Edition - The LV Guide


Full disclosure: I am a native Mainer. I am totally, and completely, biased about this beautiful little city. Trust me when I say, as often as I have recommended Portland to friends, family and yes, even total strangers, I have yet to hear anything other than full-on adoration for this part of Vacationland. You’ve seen Portland written up in Bon Appetit, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, and more. Great restaurants, fabulous shops, art galleries, loads of new hotels. This little city has music, art, shopping, great food, funky tap rooms & trendy bars, outdoor recreation & more.

Must do: Stroll the streets from the working waterfront, up through the Old Port and meander through the Arts District. A stop (or more) at local eateries is highly recommended. Ever heard of a 3-Lunch Saturday? And don’t miss out on Maine College of Art – Institute for Contemporary Art (if you love music, peek into MECA’s Bob Crewe Gallery)

Must eat: Eventide Oyster Co. Brown Butter Lobster Roll. Enough said.

Must drink: Portland Hunt & Alpine Club. Co-owner Andrew Volk was recently named Best New Mixologist 2016 by Food & Wine. This trendy lounge offers unforgettable cocktails & light Scandi fare and is located in the heart of the Old Port. You’ll have a window seat to all things Portland.

Must take home: A box of Holy Donuts. Promise you won’t regret the calories in these tasty, potato based delights (yes, real potatoes from Aroostook County!) Your personal challenge: getting them all the way home before devouring.


3 Travel Destinations for your Fall Calendar: East Coast Edition - The LV Guide


Vermonting: verb. 1. The act of going to Vermont; 2.chillin’ with nature; 3. eating ridiculously good cheese; 4.wishing you actually could unplug long enough to live there. So much to see. Hope you’re well rested.

Must do: Simon Pearce in Quechee. Known for their stunning glassware & pottery, the Simon Pearce flagship location is home a farm-to-table restaurant & sophisticated yet relaxed new bar, and well appointed retail store. Plan some extra time to enjoy watching the glassblowers in their workshop, take in the view of the falls of the Outtquechee River and Covered Bridge. Bring your camera. You’ll want a #selfie.

Must eat: Worthy Kitchen. Locally revered, this farm diner offers an ever changing menu of comfort foods (check the chalkboard) and alternating draft list of 18+ beers, mostly local. We suggest the Worthy Poutine. Yum.

Must drink: Home of #FlannelFridays, Harpoon Brewery in nearby Windsor. You can witness the making of craft beer, and also choose from a rotating list of brews you might not be able to find in your beer cooler at home.

Must take home: Cheese. We suggest Billings Farm – you’ll meet the cows personally. Pack a cooler. Dairy is coming home.


3 Travel Destinations for your Fall Calendar: East Coast Edition - The LV Guide


The summer residents have departed. Early Fall is the perfect time to explore this quintessential coastal Rhode Island village. This is a sleepy town in early fall: check your local calendar – best to book for September/October before Watch HIll closes up shop for the season!

Must Do: Let’s just say don’t go to the beach only to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift’s magnificent seaside estate (although certainly you won’t be the only gawker), but DO pack a picnic and enjoy the most glorious time on the Rhode Island shore. We suggest NapaTree Point Conservation Area: the Ocean Chamber of RI describes it as “Splendid isolation.” Don’t forget a beach blanket…you’ll want to wrap up to keep warm in case the cool Atlantic breezes pick up.

Must Eat: Whether breakfast or lunch, the Cooked Goose is the perfect spot to stop for take out or dine in. This top rated restaurant is a bit off the beaten path from Watch Hill in Westerly. Outdoor seating is available if it’s warm enough – and tasty dining options favored include praline pancakes, a breakfast burrito to die for & homemade nutella scones.

Must Drink: Visit the bar, if not the entire hotel, at the Ocean House – a hotel steeped in tradition & history. Dating back to 1868, this iconic resort offers newly created Center for Wine & Culinary Arts, an intimate place to try new wines and explore delicious local dishes. Or for something less formal, relax in the “living room,” enjoying majestic views of the harbor while taking in live musical entertainment.

Must take home: You’ll likely find yourself shopping in this prepster’s paradise – Huxter. Locally crafted apparel for him or her & items for your home will remind you of coastal New England (like the Huxter Candle that simply smells like summer). Somehow, one or two souvenirs will likely sneak their way into your suitcase, thus evoking memories of a time well spent.

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