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Drab to Fab: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Clothes

Brianna Fox-Priest

Drab to Fab: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Clothes - Lilliana Vazquez - The LV Guide

Like most fashionistas, I love shopping for new statement pieces to add to my closet, but instead of buying brand new cut-off denim or new shoes, I find what I have lying around the house and some of my old clothes that I don’t wear that often and repurposed myself a new outfit!

I love repurposing my old or barely worn clothes because it is a cheaper alternative to buying brand new. Especially if something is super trendy and may not last for more than a year I tend to come up with ways to DIY to bring some more life into my much-loved pieces. Luckily for you, all of these tricks are super easy (and affordable!) and will take any piece from drab to fab!

Pins & Patches

This by far is the easiest way to repurpose just about anything in your closet! I love collecting pins so I had a nice collection already at home but you can find some really fun ones on Etsy. I like to stick a bunch of pins on my denim jacket to add flair. Another super simple way to give life to a well-loved piece is to buy some stick-on patches and add to whatever you like! These rainbow patches< made my flats look brand new and super cute. 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Clothes - The LV Guide

DIY Distress

For those who don’t mind taking some scissors to their skinny jeans, this DIY is another way to save yourself from buying a new pair of jeans. The raw-hemmed jean has been pretty popular in the last couple years, and to my surprise, it’s SO easy to replicate! Try on the pair you want to cut, then with a fabric marker mark where you want to cut. Remove and cut along the line you made. Wash like you normally do, and notice that the white threads are now exposed. Wahlah, that easy!

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Clothes - The LV Guide


Now, this is more difficult than the last two but if you have ever tried embroidering before you’ll be fine. I am the white tee shirt queen, I have so many! To add a small pop of color and an unexpected detail to my tee I embroidered on a small ice cream cone. You can add whatever speaks to you. Bonus: Looking to add more tassels to your outfit? Try this super cute DIY for tassel jeans!

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Clothes - The LV Guide









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