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Your Leggings, 3 Ways

Vickee Yang

3 Ways To Wear Leggings - The LV Guide

As we approach winter, most of us will eventually succumb to a deep hibernation which might include lots of Cheetos and Sex And the City, (guilty). We will find it harder and harder to fight the urge to wear pajamas and Uggs to work as we think about the daily strut through the cold and eventually, jeans and pencil skirts will become our worst enemies. Luckily, some wonderful person in the world came along and created leggings, and that has played a huge role in allowing our bodies to enjoy freedom and comfort while making it look like we actually put in some effort. If you don’t own a pair of black leggings yet, I suggest you add it to your list of, “Things to get.” Yes, add it right under the bullet point that reads, “Need red wine,” & you’ll be sure to remember.

3 Ways To Wear Leggings: Oversized and Comfy | The LV Guide
Over-Sized and Comfy

What’s more comfortable than a cozy sweater in the winter? Pairing leggings with an over-sized sweater will instantaneously cut your morning routine in half. There’s no over thinking with this look and no worrying whether or not you’re keeping up with the trends because it never goes out of style. With anything over-sized, having proportions is crucial. Since the top half of your body will be weighed down with a heavy knit of some sort, wearing skin tight leggings will make this outfit look less bulky. Also, try carrying a more structured handbag instead of a slouchy hobo to clean the look up even more.

3 Ways To Wear Leggings: Sleek and Shiny | The LV Guide

Sleek and Shiny

Kim Kardashian is famous for this leggings and blazer look. With it’s feminine and sophisticated appeal, we can see why it’s become a staple in her wardrobe. Blazers are no longer just for the office. They have become a universal piece thrown over any and everything. Believe us, there’s literally a blazer for every occasion. When deciding on this blazer/leggings duo, keep in mind that you don’t need to go with the basic cotton leggings. Faux leather leggings are also one of our favorites and adds a little bit of sexiness to your outfit, especially when worn with heels or booties. Although a plain t-shirt or tank looks great under your blazer, you can always add some personality and wear a fun top, just make sure it doesn’t clash with your blazer to keep the look sleek.

3 Ways To Wear Leggings: Sleek and Shiny | The LV Guide

Calm and Cool

If you must steal this item from your boyfriend’s closet, by all means, do it! It seems like we never realize the importance of owning something like a white button-down until we actually have one, then we see how versatile it is. From the office with flats, to running errands for your kids, to catching up with friends over drinks, this look will have you looking chic and casual at the same time. The white button-down is a blank canvas. You can do to it whatever you please, so dress it up with eccentric jewelry and a statement bag.

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