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4 Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Samantha Figueroa

4 Benefits of Oil Cleansing - The LV Guide

It still surprises me when I hear people say they avoid using any kind of oil on their face because it causes them to break out. This idea is as antiquated as the one that all fats in foods should be avoided. Still, whether you’re new to the concept of oil cleansing, are curious or still entirely wary of it, you really should be doing it…like, yesterday.

Oil Dissolves Oil

Oil and water don’t mix, silly. So if you’re concerned about oil on your face, yet cleansing with water and some ultra-harsh salicylic acid cleanser, you’re not only drying your skin out (causing even more production of sebum), you’re also using an ineffective method of removing bad oils (from makeup and other factors). An oil cleanser pulls out all those impure oils and gently, and effectively removes them from your skin.

Control Oil Production

What?! Seems so counterintuitive, but oil products, contrary to popular belief, can actually help control excess production of oil. After cleansing with oil, your skin will be moisturized and not feel the need to produce all the sebum it would if it were stripped dry. Many women even claim using cleansing oils helps control or treat acne.

Oils Naturally Contain Antioxidants

Most oil cleansers have a base oil and botanical oils like olive or sunflower, which are naturally full of antioxidants and vitamins. On top of that, most oils naturally contain SPF. While SPF levels are low, why not get the added boost?

Ultra Moisturizing

Now is the time for fresh, dewy skin. It’s a display of health and no matter what your age, heavy makeup is no longer preferred. Cleansing oils will really make you love the skin you’re in, leaving your skin hydrated, and with a gorgeous radiant glow.

Oil Cleanser Favorites:

Oil Cleansers are becoming increasingly common, and you can find them in a wide variety of formulas and price ranges per your needs. Some of my favorites include Olive + M’s Cleansing Face Oil, Cosmedix’s Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil and Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser.









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