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5 Simple Tips to Up Your Insta-game

Brianna Fox-Priest

5 Simple Tips to Up Your Insta-game - The LV Guide

Instagram is an essential social media platform nowadays. All of my favorite bloggers and celebs are using Instagram and Insta-stories to give us a glimpse into their daily lives. It’s a convenient way to see what other creatives are doing in the world as well as my friends! If you have an Instagram, but are not really sure what to post we have five easy tips you can use to up your Insta-game!

Follow People Who Inspire You

The best way to get inspiration on what to post is by following people that inspire you! Seeing creative posts on your timeline will help with your own page! If you like taking more colorful photos, follow accounts who only post bright, cheery photos.

Take Original and Interesting Pictures

You want people to follow you for your content; having a few reposts sprinkled throughout your feed is fine, but grab followers with your own awesome pictures! Your followers want to know what you are like, show them with eye-catching posts.

Post Consistently

Now we all have lives and may not have the time to post on Instagram twice a day, but trying to be more consistent with when you post can help engage and gain more followers. Find what works for you; I usually post every day to every two days in the mid-morning or after work.

Caption Your Posts

We all know hashtags are useful for getting your account noticed, but followers are more intrigued with the story behind the post. I usually do a quick sweep down my timeline, but if I find a post with a more lengthy caption I stop to read it! Do the same with your posts!

Brand Yourself

Although you may not realize it, YOU are a brand. You are unique; create a flow with your content that is as unique as you. If you want your page to be all about your adventures while traveling or outfits of the day (#ootd), create posts that reflect that.









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