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5 Items Your Packing List Should Not Be Missing

Cassandra Ruth

5 Items Your Packing List Should Not Be Missing - The LV Guide

Pack your bags, it’s time for your next adventure! As spring and summer vacations draw near, you want to make sure that you have your packing list nailed down. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or a newbie just finding your wings, take a peek at some of my favorite suitcase staples that help trips near and far go smoothly.

1. The “That’s My Bag!” Tag

Choose a luggage tag that has identifying features that will stand out to you in the conveyor belt sea of black suitcases- it’s the perfect occasion to play with your monogram, a trendy pattern, or unique shade of color. This is coming from a girl who wears only black and white- now is the time to be able to spot your bag in a crowd. Furthermore, be sure to fill out the tag with your contact information in case you and your bag don’t meet up in paradise as planned. Fingers crossed that this never, ever happens. Henri Bendel Centennial Stripe Luggage Tag or Ban.Do Lady of Leisure Luggage Tag

2. Reading Material That You Won’t Want to Put Down

5 Items Your Packing List Should Not Be Missing - The LV Guide

The journey to your destination will feel a lot shorter with some entertainment. This is the perfect time to curl up with a good read. Grab the latest bestselling book, or an old favorite, and read your way into relaxation. Choose something that appeals to YOU! Try Nonfiction must-read: “Primates of Park Avenue” by Wednesday Martin or Fiction: The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

3. Some “The Less Space, The Better” Sized Hygiene Essentials

5 Items Your Packing List Should Not Be Missing - The LV Guide

Don’t go rushing to the pharmacy to buy travel size shampoos every time you pack. Whether you need TSA approved conditioner for a flight, or something that will take up less space in your weekender for a trip out east to the Hamptons, a set of refillable shampoo bottles are a must have for any traveler. Be able to conveniently pack your own favorite shower needs from now on by scoring these affordable favorites from Amazon. Chica & Joe Travel Bottle Set with Flip Caps (2 ounce size, BPA Free)

For the travel queens whose beauty regimen requires a little extra baggage, fear not. Your entire suitcase doesn’t have to be full of massive full-sized products. Can’t survive the weekend without your leave-in conditioner that comes in a giant vat? Leave the tub at home and put enough product for the trip in one of these plastic jars from MUJI. The same goes for your moisturizer that is too large for the plane. Easy, and effortlessly cool with their minimalist design. MUJI Small Travel Container- Clear Cream Case 20g

4. A Makeup Bag for When You Ditch the TSA Ziploc

After being forced to sort everything into Ziplocs, your normal beauty ritual may feel out of whack. No one wants to lug all of their makeup around all day, so you’ll probably end up leaving the bulk of it in your hotel room and tossing some lipstick in your purse instead. Don’t end up digging around your purse whenever you need a touchup- think ahead and bring along a makeup pouch that you can load your essentials into after the flight. Organization is essential, and can be so stinkin’ cute. Pamela Barsky “This Is My Tool Bag” 6 x 8 Makeup Pouch

5. A Portable Phone Charger to Save the Day

Every adventurer needs one. When you’re roaming a beautiful new city, taking some seriously Instagrammable pictures of the sights, your phone battery will seem to disappear way too quickly. Whether you need it to GoogleMap your way back to the hotel, or look up train times, phones are an incredibly helpful travel and safety tool. The last thing you want is to be stranded in an unfamiliar place. Charge up a rechargeable phone charger before your journey, toss it in your purse, and live your life without the fear of being stuck below 10%. Anker PowerCore Lipstick Sized Portable Charger

-For international travel, wrap up your passport in it’s own chic cover. Keep your papers safe from stains, and way easier to spot in your bag. Kate Spade Cameron Street Travel Passport Holder

-If you thought that you couldn’t make your basics any smaller, think again. MUJI Folding Toothbrush

-Backup shoes that will fit in nearly any bag, for when the cute new vacation shoes get too uncomfortable. Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats








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