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5 Must-Read Business Books

Sydney Lester

5 Must-Read Business Books - The LV Guide

Most of us are very familiar with the side hustle – whether it’s a blog, freelance jobs, or other part-time work we do that fuels our passions and make us tick. But what if you want to turn those hustles into your main gig? Then you better get cracking and read some books (or you can tune into Audible if that’s more your pace). Either way you do it, your goal is to absorb knowledge from those who have been there, done that – take their tips, tricks, and advice and hopefully you can avoid some of their mistakes while you build your own mini empire.

Here are 5 books I recommend you read now:

Shoe Dog
An easy to digest, chuckle out loud business beach read if I ever found one. Shoe Dog chronicles the story of Nike (yep, the Just Do It guys) told from the founder’s view – how the idea was born from a college essay, to his dogged persistence that he would win, to the company’s growing pains and constant struggle (even when they were raking in the millions they were barely making it in the day to day), to when they could finally, finally say they built a solid company. This book made me not only a Nike fan, but I appreciated the honest candor of what can be the the behind the scenes struggles of many businesses.

You Are a Badass at Making Money
I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you probably read You are a Badass, the self help book that made the rounds a while ago. You may have passed on that one, but I would not gloss over this one – especially if you own a business, are looking to turn a side hustle into a business, or just want to kill it in your career. This book takes Law of Attraction approach to making money and presents it in a fun, super readable way coupled with in-depth exercises that you can complete at the end of each chapter.

Good To Great
Taking a company from Good to Great comes down to the type of leader that is running a company – someone that is willing to take risks, has the best interests of the company (not self or stakeholders) at heart, and who is humble. Good to Great looks at 11 different corporations that made it through rocky transitions to become great companies that outperformed their competitors. Even solo-prenuers can learn from this book and work to cultivate their Level 5 Leader characteristics.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
This book tops every book recommendation list and for good reason! It breaks down the psychology behind motivating people and turning your own self into someone who is, well, effective. It’s a must read if you are on the business / career track.

Girl Boss
No matter your opinion of Sophia Amoruso and the fall out of Nasty Gal – it cannot be denied that she took a great idea and turned it into a very successful business and personal brand. Her book, Girl Boss, is an inspiring read designed to motivate you to do what it takes to get to where you want to be.


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