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5 Workout Essentials That Won’t Quit

Deb Ivy

Workout Essentials | The LV Guide

What we need: Stylish activewear that holds up when we work it out.
There’s nothing more frustrating than a running and hiking up your tights every 5 minutes or finding yourself in a yoga to realize that your class may be seeing your pants fall down…ward dog.

What to get: High waisted, nylon-spandex blend tights
Hello high-waisted workout pants! Where have you been all my life? You’ll be able to run with reckless abandon and pose without worry…your important assets will remain covered! Plus, a little peek of skin in the mesh panels along the calf make these tights not only fashionable but practical, providing a little extra breathing room in your workout.

Where to buy: Beyond Yoga Pant by Shopbop $110


Workout Essentials | The LV Guide

What we need: A sports bra that fits and doesn’t squish!
Uniboob be gone! We need a bra that work with our shape, not against it. Sports bras can actually be flattering and functional.

What to get: A sports bra designed like an actual bra
Bras that are comfortable enough for a gentle vinyasa, yet supportive enough for a 10k.

Where to buy: Lee Bra by LOLE $65

Workout Essentials | The LV Guide


What we need: Deodorant that works and we can feel good about
Sweating is natural. Let’s face it…and at the gym, you’re going to sweat (or you should be!) all over. Armpits are no different, my friends. We can sweat and still avoid an undesirable aroma with a naturally scented deodorant.

What to get: Organic Deodorant with Ethanol to remove odor
Natural deodorants have gotten SO MUCH better. Gone are the days of trading off natural ingredients for sticky, stinky armpits during + after a workout. Free yourself of aluminum and all the nasty stuff! Plus you can choose from aromas to suit your mood: lavender, citrus, vetiver + more!

Where to buy: Certified Organic Deodorant Spray by EO $6.99

Workout Essentials | The LV Guide

What we need: A headband that will tame those flyaways
Headbands need to get a grip! They’re either too tight or don’t have enough elasticity to hold your hair in place. It’s one extreme or the other it seems.

What to get: A headband with enough grip, but not too much
A lightweight and reversible headband that can be worn for all kinds of workouts…and a versatile style. Wear this band in a slim style, or stretch it out for a wide banded profile. Wicks sweat, sweeps away wispy hair and looks cute on your noggin!

Where to buy: Fringe Fighter Headband by Lululemon $12

Workout Essentials | The LV Guide

What we need: Socks! Socks! Socks!
Time to up your sock game. Stop wearing the see-thru soles, holey toed socks that should NEVER see the light of day…or even the inside of your gym shoe. Get purging….out with the old and in with the new.

What to get: Socks with a mission guaranteed to make you smile
Bombas in latin means bumblebee…and bees work together to make their hive a better place. For every pair of socks purchased a pair is donated to a person in need. (Did you know that socks are the #1 most need clothing item in homeless shelters?) AND not only will your heart be happy you’re doing a good thing, your feet will be overjoyed with the honeycomb support system and performance footbed…making these socks your go-to gym garb!

Where to buy: Bombas starting at $12







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