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7 Tips For Happy, Healthy Hair

Lauren Golt

10 Tips For Happy, Healthy Hair - The LV Guide

Hair needs just a little extra TLC in the fall and winter months, so we’ve rounded up 7 hair care tips to keep your locks looking their best from now until spring!

1. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning at least once per week. We love this Bumble & Bumble Mending Masque; it restores strength, increases elasticity and detangles too!

2. Keep washing your hair to a minimum, ideally two to three times a week, this will prevent your hair from drying out too much.

3. Get a regular trim (once every two months) to enhance your locks and keep them healthy.

4. Drink more H20! Increasing your water intake will not only help  your hair, but it will result in clearer skin, and decreased bloating and lethargy.

5. Rinse your hair with cold water as frequently as possible. We know it’s tough when it’s cold outside! This really helps maintain hair’s shine and keeps the cuticles from being harmed.

6. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to mitigate the damaged caused by cold temperatures.

7. To prevent breakage or other damage, avoid blow-drying and brushing when your hair is wet. Redken stylist Rodney Cutler says, “Your hair should be 60-to-65 percent dry before you even start to blowdry with a brush.” Cutler explains that it’s less damaging to your hair if you pre-dry.


Photo above features the Fromm Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer and the Fromm 1907 “Do Everything” Square Brush.







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