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8 Packing Tips for a Beauty-full Getaway

Samantha Figueroa

8 Packing Tips for a Beauty-full Getaway - The LV Guide

Packing is difficult enough a task as-is. Packing if you’re a beauty aficionado with an entire arsenal of makeup and skincare selections to choose from, can be downright daunting. You stare at your hundreds upon hundreds of products and the doubt creeps in. What if I need a mid-trip face mask? Am I bringing the right makeup brushes?

It’s taken me lots of practice, but I like to think I just about mastered packing my beauty essentials quickly and efficiently for any trip, be it business, pleasure or a weekend visit with the family. The tips below have proven most helpful when getting ready to hit the road.

1. Take advantage of samples. One of my favorite reasons for subscribing to beauty boxes is to hoard samples for my trips. Sign up for one or two, and always, always ask for samples at your favorite beauty supply stores. I’ve made some of my greatest product discoveries from samples packed for a getaway.

2. Keep your must-haves ready to go. I keep a bag (we love these from Tartan+Twine) with travel-sized skincare and haircare essentials ready to go for the fastest possible packing whether I’m just going to the gym bag or for a week-long vacation. I keep it stocked with day, night and sensitive-skin moisturizers, a gentle face cleanser, eye cream, tea tree oil (for surprise blemishes), eye makeup remover and some dry shampoo. Make a list of what you use most, stock up your bag (frequently rotating old items with new), and notice how much easier it is to get out the door for a spontaneous weekend road trip.

3. Invest in a brush set and case. There are many options to choose from for different sizes and amounts of tools. This brush set from ELF cosmetics comes in a sturdy, zip-up brush case that’s been a favorite of mine. Travel-sized brush sets are extra convenient. You can find good options at various price points like this one ($56) and this one ($39) from Sephora, or this one from Sigma ($86).

4. Use your fingers instead of brushes to apply a cream blush instead of powder, metallic eyeshadow, highlight or foundation to reduce the number of brushes you have to bring.

5. Bring out the dupes. When I’m not traveling for a special event or formal affair, I prefer to carry dupes of my favorite products, should anything happen to the goods en route. Some of my favorite dupe or drug-store products to carry are Elf Cosmetics products, NYX products or the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in lieu of my Beauty Blender. There are thousands of high-quality dupes that mimic top high-end products and don’t cause the same amount of heartbreak if they are left behind, broken, spilled, or the worst of cases…if you have to leave them with TSA.

6. Put spare contact lens cases to work. All those extra cases laying around are a beauty addict’s best friend. They’re perfect for 2-3 day business trips and fit creams, cleansers, primers and liquid foundation. Just make sure to label everything!

7. Charge your Clarisonic. You already have to carry a phone charger, laptop charger, tablet charger. Charge your Clarisonic and help lighten the cable load.

8. Limit yourself to one of each item. This one requires a little self-control and strategy. Carry a solid, universal blush, bronzer, red lip, nude lip, etc. With many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes to choose from, it’s especially difficult to limit myself to just one. Travel-friendly favorites include The Lorac Pro because it’s so thin, lightweight and versatile. And The Lorac Pro To Go is a great multi-purpose palette that’s also compact and has blush and bronzer built right in.

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