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6 Accessories To Brighten Your Outfit This Summer Under $50

Nicole Kestenbaum

Whenever summer rolls around all I can think of are piña coladas, a sparkly turquoise beach, digging my toes into the sand and all the fun, colorful accessories I’ll get to shop for this season! There’s just something so dazzling about bright and bold colors against a perfect tan. To look like you’re living the #wanderlustlife pronto, adding affordable and colorful accessories to your outfit is the way to go. Multi-colored beach totes, glittery sunglasses and a sprinkle of pom poms can really take your outfit from boring to exciting. Whether you’re vacationing at the beach or contemplating a “staycation” at your pool, freshen up your summer outfit with these vivid accessories under $50.

Accessories to Brighten up your Outfit this Summer | The LV Guide

Kimono | $47.40
This kimono can be your most versatile piece this summer. Use it over cut off shorts or as a swimsuit cover-up.

Yellow Sandals | $34.98
I love this option instead of flip flops. They are comfy, chic and the burst of yellow will make the nail polish on your toes pop.

Pom Pom Clutch | $41.00
Pom pom fever has hit me hard! This clutch travels well to any vacation destination as a clutch or make-up bag. Pair with a white dress for maximum exposure.

Beach Tote$14.99
Cutest pineapple tote ever! This will fit all your essentials plus I love that it’s plastic so it makes it easy to clean in case you get any sand in it (which is always).

Straw Hat | $16.50
This is the biggest steal on this list for a mere $16.50! This gorgeous hat is everything: it’s fun, keeps your pretty face protected form the sun and there’s other colors available which makes me think I might need to get one in every pom pom color.

Waverley Wayfarer Sunglasses$26.00
I love affordable chic frames and blue lens tend to be neutrals in the sunglass department so I can’t resist this 5 th pair I’m adding to my collection. Plus, they always make my selfies look so much better!

Which is your favorite colorful accessory and how will you wear it?









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