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This Ain’t No Ordinary Love: DECIEM Face Serum

Cassandra Ruth

Looking for a way to stay fresh-faced without breaking the bank? Behold, we’ve been blessed by our friends up North. The Ordinary, by Canadian beauty company DECIEM, sells a large range of facial serums as part of their Abnormal Beauty line. There is nothing ordinary about The Ordinary’s serums. For nearly every problem that your skin encounters, there is a specific formula to answer your prayers. The best part? They’re ridiculously affordable in comparison to their top-shelf counterparts. Even if you’re not making it rain on a La Mer budget, you can mix and match to your delight to create your perfect facial serum cocktail. The same way you can multi-mask, you can multi-serum.

A surface staple is “Buffet.” This serum is the brand’s version of a quintessential base. If you like to keep your routine simple, or are just looking for a basic to build upon, this is the one-stop-shop that might be the best fit for you. With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, Buffet uses a combination of peptides to create an anti-aging serum that will help keep your skin looking youthful. Apply this serum to a freshly washed face, put on your moisturizer, and prepare to be in awe of how smooth your face will feel.

Like all of the best beauty products, The Ordinary is based on science. Time for biochemistry class. The majority of The Ordinary’s serums are named after their main active ingredient. Products high in Vitamin C content are mainly used to brighten skin, while those focused on retinol have anti-aging effects. Brains AND beauty, right? When shopping The Ordinary online, the product information section for each item lists the ingredient breakdown and describes with how the formula works. Feel free to use one formula as a base, such as Buffet, and spot treat your blemishes with another serum, i.e. the Niacinamide + Zinc formula. Map out what areas of your face may need different types of attention. Mixing and matching to cater to your skin’s needs is what counts. All us have skin types of individual sensitivity, moisture levels, porosity, thickness, and more- why would our skincare necessarily be the exact same? Thank you, DECIEM, for indulging all of our inner mad scientists. Chicas, hit the lab and tell us what works best for you.








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