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All Natural Beauty Products

Sarahanne Alexander

It’s no secret that some of the best beauty tricks come from Mother Nature. Using natural ingredients – think: botanical extracts, honey, water, and vitamins & minerals – will give hair and skin stunning results, minus the harsh chemicals. It’s tough to know a good brand, though. There are so many products out there that claim to be good for you and good for the earth, but not all hold up that promise.

Here some of our favorite companies and product lines that stand by their word:


Peony Collection

What’s not to love about bright, full peony blooms? The bold colors give a spark of life to any room and the peony root contains a natural molecule (Paeoniflorin) that is scientifically-shown to soothe sensitive skin and irritation. The peonies are responsibly harvested in October at the peak of Paeoniflorin concentration; the roots are collected, peeled, and sun-dried to create a concentrated peony extract. The calming shampoo, conditioner, and serum formulas will cool and protect your scalp, all while smelling sweetly of peony. #scalpSOS

A-Oxitive Antioxidant

Eau Thermale Avène

Too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a good thing. Turns out an over-concentration of certain vitamins (we’re looking at you C & E) in cosmetic formulas may be doing more harm than good. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance and Avène’s new two-part system combines perfectly proportioned amounts of Vitamins C & E with their renowned soothing and softening Thermal Spring Water to give us Defense Serum and Water-Cream. You’ll have to wait patiently, though, these products launch in September! Totally worth the wait, did I mention they smell like heaven?



Craft your own exfoliator! Add these skin polishing grains to any bareMinerals cleanser and watch your skin glow. With rose, chardonnay, black rice, and sweet orange, this combo will tone, soften, and refine your skin. bareMinerals promises quality products, pure ingredients, and uses innovative ideas to continually strive for excellence in skincare and makeup.


Honey I Washed My Hair

I love shampoo bars. They’re environmentally awesome (no packaging!), travel-friendly, and they last forever. Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar is made with fair trade honey, bergamot oil, and sweet wild orange oil to leave hair soft and bouncy while smelling like honey-toffee. Yum! Lush prides itself on ethical buying, using fresh ingredients, creating recipes in small batches for optimal quality, and fighting animal testing. This is something we can get behind!


Beauty Oil

This organic oil from RMS features jojoba oil, Vitamin A, rosehip, and buriti oil making it an excellent anti-aging oil. This incredibly nourishing formula can be applied in the morning as a primer before makeup and in the evening. RMS believes that using organic, pure ingredients now will give our skin long-lasting positive effects. Bonus: RMS is a leader in organic cosmetics, so we can confidently rock our makeup while improving the quality of our skin.

Natural-based products are the way to go! They work with our skin and hair to give us optimal results while using nature’s ingredients in a responsible and sustainable way.







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