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Beauty Brand Loyalty

Sarahanne Alexander

There’s something to be said for brand loyalty. I’m just as guilty as the next girl for having X Brand eye shadow, Y Brand concealer, and Z Brand moisturizer. But mixing and matching can render some ingredients less effective or can result in irritation, especially in sensitive skin. Products within the same brand are meant to work together; that’s why conditioners say “use after our revitalizing shampoo,” or something like that. The formulas are designed to build off one another and contribute to each other, which enhances the effectiveness of the whole product line and ultimately benefits you.

If you’re looking to commit to one brand, here are two we’re loving right now!

Pixi by Petra - The LV Guide

Pixi by Petra

With skincare and make up, there’s so much to choose. From rosehip serum and vitamin mist to their array of mascaras and the new #pixiepretties lines, you can’t go wrong. Pixie Pretties offers you four different looks: fresh and glow-y skin, optimal cleansing and moisture, contouring necessities, and the perfect palettes to switch you from day to night in an instant. Pixi by Petra will soothe your skin in the evening, freshen it in the morning, and give you looks for all-day and all-night. You get a ton of different makeup and skincare products all in one place.

SheaMoisture - The LV Guide


They have a new flavor out: Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry. The entire collection will do wonders for both your skin and hair, plus it smells amazing. Dragon’s Blood will revive your stressed hair, giving it essential moisture as winter winds down and we head into the warmer months where sun, sand, and salt start to do their damage. Coffee Cherry Extract is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, which will strengthen your hair and boost your skin’s cellular functions. From shampoo and conditioner to the foaming facial wash and mud mask, use the line together for optimal hair and skin rejuvenation, protection, and nourishment.

The benefits of committing to one brand extend from just having an awesome, matching product lineup on your vanity (although that’s cool, too!). Both Pixi by Petra and SheaMoisture are designed to work optimally when combined with their respective products. Give them a try and let us know how you like sticking to one line!








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