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Beauty Inspiration Of The Moment

Samantha Figueroa

One of my goals for 2017 is to start taking more time (again) to really indulge in doing my makeup. It’s always been a joy for me and the reason I became so immersed in this beauty-writing world, but since having my son, everything has been “hurry, hurry, hurry!” So in 2017, now that my son is one and am more adjusted, I am taking back that time. I will slow down, apply my makeup and actually use a mirror. To set the tone for the year and create a guide of sorts, I’ve been bookmarking looks I’ve spotted all over the internet, from the Golden Globes red carpet to Instagram. Here are a few of my favorites of the moment and what will likely shape my makeup decisions for the months to come.

Beauty Inspiration - Tracee Ellis Ross - The LV Guide

Tracee Ellis Ross at the Golden Globes was approachable glamour. Her skin was the focus of the no-fuss beauty look, her lips made a statement and brightened her complexion even more, and her ponytail was simple but super chic.

 Beauty Inspiration - Lilly Collins - The LV Guide

Speaking of Golden Globes and red lips, did everyone see Lilly Collins on the red carpet? Yet another flawless red lip that’s inspiring me. And paired perfectly with a warm pink eyeshadow.

 Beauty Inspiration - Lindsey Ellington - The LV Guide

Lindsay Ellingson, founder of Wander Beauty wears a metallic pink shadow. Wanders Eyeshadows apply with a wet-like look which I’ll probably be playing with a bit this year.

 Beauty Inspiration - Natalia Castellar - The LV Guide

Puerto Rican model Natalia Castellar went viral and launched her modeling career thanks to her eyebrows. Though I will never have eyebrows this gloriously full, I’m growing my brows out again and considering microblading in 2017.

 Beauty Inspiration - Lucy Hale - The LV Guide

Everything Lucy Hale does these days in terms of her beauty (and fashion) looks seems so right, but her hair is really pushing me to go for a short, angled bob again.

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