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How to Have the Best Summer Picnic

Brianna Fox-Priest

How to Have the Best Summer Picnic - The LV Guide

Ever since I can remember I have loved having picnics. Laying out a blanket, gathering my friends and sharing lunch was always the best part. Even as an adult, I still enjoy them! This summer is the perfect time to find your favorite blanket and have your very own picnic with family and friends!

Food: To me, the more dishes and little pickings you have the merrier! How you prepare is totally up to you. If you have time to make dishes get your Betty Crocker on, girl! I typically will do half and half – I will make a light caprese salad and throw together a spring mix salad ( I use bagged salad for ease) and some summer veggies like cucumber and tomatoes. Things you can buy like fresh fruit, dips, and ingredients to make small sandwiches are great if you are crunched on time. Don’t forget plenty of water and a cheeky little bottle of Prosecco!

Picnic-ware: You can find some really great and really cute picnic-ware at Target (what can’t you find there?!). I love these pineapple tumblers and the everything in Cath Kidston collection. Find your biggest blanket, and take a seat!

Dessert: This is optional, but I always bring dessert (or desserts!) to my picnics. Think light and refreshing…you don’t want to bring anything too heavy since it is hot out. I prefer small petit fours, macarons, or fruity popsicles. I also like to whip up this Summer Fruits Cake if I have time the day before, it’s complete with fresh berries and an ombre effect inside!

Kick back and relax with friends, bring a good book, and enjoy your summer picnic!









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