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4 Tips for Organizing a Chic Home Office

Malia Fierro

Let’s be honest. Our desks are basically where we spend most of our time. And since we’re busy busy at work, sometimes our desk often get a *little* out of hand in the organization department. Here are a few tips to keep your desks as organized as possible, and little inspiration on how to organize them in the chicest way possible. If you stick with neutral basics, it’s easy to transition and mix out accessories.


A planner is a must, keeping everything organized from appointments, vacations, to the kids soccer games. If you have optimal space and want to be optimally organized, then double planners are a definite must.

Chic Home Office Tips | The LV Guide

Photo: The Paper Chronicals

Desk organizer

Using an organizer to organize your desk? Hmm, that’s a thought. We definitely need somewhere to put all of that washi tape, pins, and paper clips. Using a paper organizer like is essential if you need paper at your fingertips.

Chic Home Office Tips | The LV Guide

Photo: The Every Girl

Wire Bulletin

Bulletins are surprisingly elegant way to store all those extra notes and photos, and keep your desk space free of clutter.

Chic Home Office Tips | The LV Guide

Photo: Urban Outfitters

To Do List

A daily To Do List to is a must to keep your work day on track. Down load the printable file here.

Chic Home Office Tips | The LV Guide

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