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Continue Women’s History Month Year Round With These Books

Cassandra Ruth

Who says that we should limit celebrating women to only one month of the year? Women’s History Month, March, may be over, but that does not mean that it is time to stop recognizing women for the multi-faceted, accomplished heroes that they are. Here at The LV Guide, we’re keeping up. What better way is there to learn about how to be a kick-butt woman than to sink into a good book showing how other women have made their paths? Grab one of these latest book picks, and let yourself draw some inspiration from any of these queens.

If you want: A Witty Celebrity Autobiography with All of The Gossip
Try: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Books Celebrating Women | The LV Guide

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away,” our special shining star Carrie Fisher was a Princess. She was a Princess to so many in this galaxy as well, because she blazed a trail for so many women that would come after her. Carrie led by example-she broke silence on formerly taboo topics and opened dialogues for women in acting, those with mental health struggles, and for those who don’t want to be silent about their lives and thoughts. Plus, she got to have an affair with Harrison Ford in his prime- Iconic. This autobiography, written before Carrie’s recent passing, includes excerpts from her journals that she kept while filming Star Wars, along with her own commentary on the tales of her ups and downs. Her death is a loss to all whose lives she has so profoundly touched. In Carrie’s honor, soak up all of the wise, witty advice she gives in this gift, and then move forward boldly in her style. Carrie Fisher. An actress, a princess, a feminist, an advocate. So dearly missed.

If you want: History About Political Mastermind Trophy Wives
Try: The Kennedy Wives: Triumph and Tragedy in America’s Most Public Family by Amber Hunt & David Batcher

Books Celebrating Women | The LV Guide

When discussing one of America’s most famous political dynasties, the Kennedy clan, the focus normally lies on the male political figures that the family is known for. This book takes a closer look at the most powerful common denominator among the Kennedys- the fact that their wives were total bosses. Was Patriarch Joe Kennedy’s fortune and borderline-obsessive drive the sole reason for the family’s success for decades to come? I think not. Enjoy learning about these women, see how their strengths and sorrows shaped both themselves and their famous family members. Admire Ethel’s tireless dedication to everything she set her mind to. Take a closer look at how the Camelot image, which established the family’s image for decades to come, was so carefully curated by a well-educated photojournalist, Jackie. When it comes to the Kennedy women, they were not just what so pleasantly met the eyes of a nation. They were forces to be reckoned with.

If you want: How to Become A Lady Boss That Gets It Done
Try: If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone

Books Celebrating Women | The LV Guide

It may not be the early 2000’s any more, but Kelly Cutrone sitting behind a desk in all-black on an episode of “The Hills” is still the epitome of a BOSS. This woman can get anything done in any city. Is she tougher than uncooked, steel-cut, overnight oats? Yes. But Kelly Cutrone works hard, and pushes others to work hard towards their own success as well. Her book reveals her sense of dry humor, her softer side, and the method behind her madness. Learn how a young woman came from the middle of nowhere, was homeless in New York at points and surfing between couches, yet eventually built her own successful career out of nothing. Kelly covers everything from the importance of pursuing your dreams to the realities of rock bottom. She shows the road to success is not necessarily a paved one, or bump free. This book may be a bit of an oldie, but it’s a goodie- it’s all about the journey of being unapologetically bold as you pursue what you dream of.

If you want: Poetry for Your Soul
Try: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur

Books Celebrating Women | The LV Guide

In celebrating women, we also need to celebrate the works OF women. When recommending books pertaining to women, it would feel strange for me to not mention what is by far the most touching work I’ve read in the past year. Rupi Kaur finds the perfect words for the struggles and strength of women, pouring her self out and building the soul back up again. Her style of prose uses relatively simple structure, yet cuts extremely deep. Just read it. You’ll fly through this book of stunning, sharp poems, and come out feeling satisfyingly whole.

If you want: How to Shine on the Outside, Too
Try: The Way She Wears It: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Revealing Your Personal Style by Dallas Shaw

Books Celebrating Women | The LV Guide

Sometimes, you just feel your best when you feel put together- inside and out. Fashion illustrator, and Instagram aesthetic queen, Dallas Shaw has created a brand new visual guide including texts, illustrations, and images that show you how to coordinate your best style. Use Dallas’ insider info and tips to learn how to represent your best self through fashion and beauty. This self-made entrepreneur and artist, now author, has spent years traveling from city to city to work with the biggest names in fashion, yet was based out of Delaware for years. There are no limits on how big you can go. Creating your own personal brand is an art, and Dallas Shaw has perfected it.







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