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How To Make A Killer Flower Arrangement

Bronwen Smith of B Floral

We are THRILLED and so lucky to have Bronwen Smith, the lead designer and owner of B Floral in NYC, on the blog today! Bronwen is sharing her tips and tricks for creating a beautiful flower arrangement yourself. Read below! xx, LV

Flowers transform a space, whether you’re brightening up your living room or enhancing a formal tablescape. If you want to create your own eye-catching floral arrangement, you’ll need to follow a few tips from a professional. B Floral’s owner and lead designer, Bronwen Smith compiled a guide of step-by-step instructions to assist you in bringing your floral vision to life.

Gather your materials. You will need a vase or vessel to hold your arrangement, floral clippers (or a floral knife), floral tape and most importantly, gorgeous flowers!

– Use your non-dominant hand to hold the flowers. You’ll need to use your dominant hand to cut the stems and place them in your vessel.

– Always remove any leaves that would sit below the water line. If you do not remove the leaves from their stems, they are at risk of rotting in the water and creating bacteria that could kill the flowers.

– Cut the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle with floral clippers or sharp floral knives. This angle allows for a greater amount of surface area to be exposed, which helps your flowers absorb more water and nutrients.

– Always make sure to place your flowers in water within 30 seconds of cutting them. This will ensure that the follicles will not close before you begin. Also make sure that the bottom of your stems are completely covered with water as you place them in your vase or vessel.

– Create a grid. Use thin, clear floral tape to create a grid on top of your vase. This will make it much easier for the flowers to stand on their own as you place each bloom.

– Start placing flowers with the biggest heads in the center of the vase. By beginning with large blooms, you can easily create a full and lively base that will be a solid foundation for your arrangement.

– Fill in your arrangement with smaller flowers and greenery. First add small, filler flowers and follow up with greenery until you achieve ideal fullness.

– As you finish, turn your arrangement to make sure you can see it from all angles and fill in any empty spots if needed.

– Be sure to change the water in your arrangement and trim the ends of each stem every 2-3 days to keep your flowers fresh and lively!








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