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Currently Loving: Cactus

Colleen Byrnes

currently loving: cacti trend | The LV Guide

The cactus has made a strong appearance in the realm of fashion and decor. Its southwestern charm has everyone buzzing. From having the plant as a home decor piece, to printed images of cacti hanging on the wall, to cactus inspired fashion, the trend has infiltrated many aspects of our lives. With a very simple design and the bright green color, here are some ways that you can use cacti to spice up your life.

Wear It
Whether it’s this cactus t-shirt or these cactus shorts, you can throw a cactus image onto any piece of clothing to add a little something extra to that plain white tee.

Hang It Up
If you are afraid of bumping into those prickly plants sitting on a window sill or on your coffee table, try hanging up a framed print of the majestic plant. (Cactus artwork –  teal background, framed print)

Accessorize It
To subtly rock the cactus trend, try accessorizing with this phone case or an envelope clutch for a tasteful hint of this western icon.

Decorate With It
We love patterned statement throw pillows to spice up a room. What better way to add some flavor than with this adorable throw pillow. This cactus doormat can also bring some flare to the entry way of your home.

Make It Practical
Need a place to hang all of your small jewelry? This cactus ring holder is the perfect way to do that while keeping the trend in your home. Try out these cocktail glasses for entertaining guests in style.








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