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Fab Find: Carrie Dunham Clutches

Nina Budischak and Lauren Golt

Fab Find: Carrie Dunham Handbags

Handbags are one of the greatest accessories a woman can have. The perfect one can jazz up any outfit and make it look complete—and you can never have too many! Why then, is the perfect one so hard to find? Carrie Dunham designed the answer.

Carrie Dunham’s chic line of handbags makes it effortless for today’s woman to remain trendy, versatile, and sport a classic style simultaneously.

The Dunham clutch comes with a leather handle and a base constructed from either soft suede or genuine Italian leather (choose from gold, brown, black or white). The Carrie clutch has no handle, but rather a stylish, adjustable/removable chain. The Carrie base comes in leather and is firmer in structure for a more sleek, sophisticated look.

Choose one (or several) of the fashionable covers offered by the Dunham Collection that fit both the Dunham and Carrie clutches for a completely different look. The options are infinite: crisp linen, sexy snakeskin, modern sequined, metallic cork, burlap, suede, classic stripes or a monogrammed cover updated with crabs, anchors and more playful designs. There is a cover for every occasion no matter how casual or formal.

Fab Find: Carrie Dunham Handbags

With the reinvented Bermuda bag, the Dunham bag creates a brand-new, sophisticated look! There is no more fussing with transferring the contents of your purse to another. Simply choose your base and then have fun with covers. Yes, you heard correctly. It is now possible to travel with ONE handbag and multiple covers so every look is polished..

Fab Find: Carrie Dunham Handbags
Carrie Dunham has created a way for women to find the perfect handbag for any occasion! Whether you decide to add a cover or not, you are guaranteed versatility and stylishness! To understand more about our Fab Find and create your own handbag, go to www.carriedunham.com now!







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