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Get Ready For Spring

Sarahanne Alexander

It’s that wonderful time of year where the weather warms up (or it should soon!) and we’re peeking out from under our cozy blankets to see the first glimpses of spring. I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try, my skin just hates winter. I feel like I’m constantly trying to manage the delicate balance of not too dry but not too shiny or I’m emotionally coming to terms with the fact that I need a lighter shade of foundation. Ugh. Well, spring is near and it’s time to embrace it!

Here are a few products we’re loving that will give your skin a rosy glow while finding that perfect balance of healthy, moisturized skin:

Get Ready For Spring - Cosmedix - The LV Guide

Let me start out by saying I love this company. I love how they use natural products but aren’t all hippy about it (says the girl who washes her face with honey). I think it’s cool they know the science behind making their botanical products effective and I am stoked to report they’ve come out with three new masks: Detox, Restore, and Glow. Detox, with activated charcoal and clay, exfoliates skin and draws out impurities for a radiant complexion. Restore is super moisturizing, with mango seed butter and papaya fruit extract, and helps to smooth out fine lines. Yes, please! Glow brightens skin by removing surface cells to reduce discoloration and uneven skin tone. You can thank bamboo stem extract for this! But don’t stop at using just one of these, you can #multimask and use several at once, targeting trouble spots for optimal results. Available as of March 17.

Get Ready For Spring - Glytone - The LV Guide

Antioxidants all day and all night. Let this day and night cream work together to neutralize free radicals and protect your skin 24/7. Age-Defying Antioxidant Day Cream hydrates your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines with the help of vitamin E, Red Tea Flavonois, and Glycolic Acid. Let this Night Cream do all the hard work while you catch up on your beauty rest. You’ll wake up with firmer-looking skin and smoother, less noticeable wrinkles (I call them crinkles because I’m just not ready yet). Defending against environmental factors to reduce the signs of premature aging, Glytone is non-comedogenic, frangrance-free, paraben-free, and just what we need to kick start spring!

Get Ready For Spring - Pixi Rose - The LV Guide

Pixi by Petra
Spring is all about fresh flowers, and what better way to top off all this hard skincare work than with Pixi’s new kit: Hello Rose! With sheer and rosy tints for skin, cheeks, and lips, this insanely easy kit is the best way to accentuate your already glowing skin. Start off with applying the Glow Booster in PinkPearl to give your skin a beautiful sheen. Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold will give the apples of your cheeks a rosy glow and your cheekbones a subtle highlight. The LipLift Max in Sheer Rose can be used alone for a sheer look or layered over your favorite flavor of lip color. This is seriously the easiest way to showcase your already beautiful skin!

Winter has been rough. Treat yourself to the gift of beautiful, glowing skin!








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