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Cassandra Ruth

Let’s get it poppin’.  For once, we’re not talking about champagne when saying, “Have a bit of bubbly.”  Our latest love affair with dearly beloved GLAMGLOW comes in the form of the most fun sheet mask you’ll ever get your manicured hands on: the BUBBLESHEET. Meet BUBBLESHEET.

GLAMGLOW’s new BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse mask covers your face in just that- bubbles. The sheet itself is made of black bamboo charcoal cloth, feeling thicker and more luxurious than other sheet masks. The cleanser in the mask oxygenates in order to bubble into a foam- like a bubble bath, for your face. The mask has the distinct, sweet GLAMGLOW scent that fans know and love. When applying, leave the mask on for about three minutes, then remove the charcoal cloth. Be sure to work the foam around in circles to deepen the cleanse before rinsing.

Major, major points go to BUBBLESHEET for feeling refreshing and non-irritating on even my own sensitive skin. The combination of ingredients bring a clean that feels deeper than the surface, but the mask does not have the harshness or burn that deep cleaning treatments with higher acid concentration bring.

This is the perfect treat for a night in. Go ahead and light a candle- my current obsession is getting a cozy cabin smell by mixing Apotheke’s Binchotan Charcoal Scented Candle amid my hordes of vanillas. Pop on BUBBLESHEET for a few minutes and have a blast playing with the foam. Then, last but not least, slip on your coziest robe and lay down to marathon the latest on Netflix. You’ve earned it.








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