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Halo Top: Ice Cream Without The Guilt

Brianna Fox-Priest

When it’s hot outside the only thing that will cool me off is ice cream. I am by definition an ice cream fanatic (seriously, I eat it almost every night). I was intrigued the first time I heard about Halo Top. The only “healthy” ice cream I had tried was bland and full of additives and sugar alcohols. I must say I was slightly skeptical at first, but after tasting Halo Top I was blown away. Ice cream that is healthy and all natural… you seriously can’t beat that.

Halo Top ice cream comes in over 16 flavors so there is something for everyone! All of their ice cream is 360 and less for a whole pint…YES, you read that right. A.WHOLE.PINT. No more need to portion your pints for bikini season! You can eat the whole pint without feeling guilty or bloated. A win in my book. With 20 grams of protein per pint, go ahead and eat one for breakfast.

My Favorite Guilt-free Flavors:

Birthday Cake

This flavor brought back so many memories! The only times I had birthday cake ice cream was at friends’ birthday parties. A sweet vanilla base filled with rainbow sprinkles, perfect for everyday consumption if you ask me!

Lemon Cake

This light flavor is perfect for summer. It is so refreshing and citrusy that it has become a new favorite.


A true classic my family always had on-hand growing up. This flavor is creamy and bursting with strawberry flavor (perfect to use in milkshakes too!).

Red Velvet

Halo Top nailed this flavor. I am a sucker for red velvet anything. In this pint there are no synthetic dyes or flavors. It has small chocolate cake pieces swirled inside that make it seem unhealthy, but in reality it only has 360 calories for the entire pint.

More fun ways to enjoy Halo Top are to taste test every flavor, find recipes to try, or gather your gal pals and host your very own ice cream social! The options are endless, just like the love I have for this angelic ice cream.

I encourage you to go to your local grocery store and stock up on Halo Top! You will not be disappointed.








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