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How To Host A Beyoncé Brunch

Cassandra Ruth


How To Host A Beyoncé Brunch | The LV Guide

Brunchin’ is a habit, and what better way is there to spend time with your favorite people than to throw your own Beyoncé Brunch? Celebrate the upcoming birth of the royal twins, or any occasion, by hosting your best friends for an array of Queen Bey themed food and fun. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and get creative! Be prepared to think of Bey-related puns and summon your oldest Destiny’s Child historical knowledge, for this is where you will want to pull out all of the stops. Here are some of our tips for how to host your own Beyoncé themed get-together:

Tip 1: Suggest A Dress Code or Theme

When have you seen Beyoncé’s group photos turn out looking anything less than ***Flawless? The key is coordinating. A tried-and- true Yoncé approved dress code is All White Everything, a la Solange’s wedding, where everyone from Blue Ivy to Momma Tina Knowles-Lawson absolutely slayed in white ensembles. When inviting your friends, let them know what the dress theme is so that everyone can feel as glam as the Queen herself. You will have some seriously Instagrammable content on your hands of the memories made with your loved ones.

Tip 2: Prep Your Playlist

Take a trip through the iTunes wormhole and locate your Beyoncé favorites. From Check On It, to All Night, to Cater 2 U, pick out plenty of tracks in advance to play in the background at your brunch. Feel free to choose a mix of Destiny’s Child, the LEMONADE era, the Sasha Fierce era, or any songs that you want. It’s your Beyoncé party, and you can play Daddy Lessons if you want to. Be sure to make the playlist long enough to last the entire brunch in order to avoid repeats.

Tip 3: When Life Gives You Lemons

How you decorate your hosting space will set the tone for your event. You can go for a casual picnic vibe, or bust out the crystal for a classy affair. Through your décor is one of the most fun opportunities for you to incorporate the Beyoncé theme of the brunch, so take it and run with it if you’d like. One of the easiest ways to put the “B”(ey) in “Brunch” is by tying in the LEMONADE theme. Include lemons in your centerpiece, or try Kate Spade’s lemon print collection in form of placemats or a tablecloth. For a more subtle effect, create your own Garden of Beyden by strategically placing some fresh flowers throughout the room, particularly in hues that match your color palette- think whites, yellows, or a bit of crisp greenery. A great way to decorate on a budget is to start with a classic staple that you already have, such as white china, and then tie in the theme by building around it with yellow napkins, or disposable dessert plates in a fun print.

Tip 4: Menu

Now is the time to bust out the Beyoncé-related puns and references. The opportunities are literally endless. Use song titles and lyrics to create alliterative names for your brunch menu favorites. Blueberry muffins can easily become “Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) Berry Muffins.” Have you been drinkin’ watermelon? Pour out some fabulous watermelon mimosas for your guests. The jokes are actually limitless. When planning, choose whether you would like your brunch menu to be more breakfast heavy, lunch heavy, or an equal combination of each. Pick out foods that you enjoy, or are comfortable with cooking. Think ahead- Do any of your guests have dietary restrictions? Are any Vegetarian/Vegan? Have options available for them as well. Print out a copy of your menu, or signs for the food displays, and allow your friends to appreciate your witty snack titles. Some favorite recipes to Beyoncé-ify and serve:

“Drunk In Love” Watermelon Mimosas

“Parfait My Name” Build-Your- Own-Yogurt Bar

Formation French Toast Casserole

Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) Berry Muffins


Go forth, and celebrate our favorite goddess with the people that you love. Remember, every day is a good day when you were born in the same era as Beyoncé.








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