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Kissable Lip Tips

Sarahanne Alexander

Kissable Lip Tips - Fresh Sugar - The LV Guide

What better way to top off your day (Valentine’s or any other) than with a big fat kiss from your favorite person? If you’re looking for something to spice up your current lip routine or if your lips need a little extra TLC in the cold weather, I’ve got the perfect 2-step combo to make your lips soft, smooth, and irresistible!

Fresh: Sugar Lip Polish
Exfoliation is the first crucial step to kissably soft lips. The Sugar Lip Polish removes dry skin to reveal smooth and supple lips, setting the stage for optimal conditioning and flawless color application.

Fresh: Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment
This stuff is the best because you get two products in one: a super soft lip balm and a swipe of color! Each Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment nourishes and protects your lips, leaving them incredibly smooth and moisturized. Choose your favorite from any one of their colors, like Poppy, Ruby, and Plum for a beautiful and alluring tint of color.

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