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10 Essential Tips for Layering Jewelry

Nina Budischak

IMG_495610 Essential Tips for Layering Jewelry - Lilliana Vazquez - The LV Guide

Layering necklaces and other jewelry is this summer’s go-to! It creates a bold statement that sets your look apart from the rest. However, this supposedly easy task can take hours if you don’t know the proper tips and tricks for the ultimate layered look! The 3 main secrets are: contrasting different lengths, thickness, and placement of your jewelry; ultimately bringing your entire outfit together with the same common element!

1. First and Foremost: Decide on your Outfit.

Your outfit choice allows you to better understand what kind of jewelry best suits whichever style you’re rocking for the day!

2. Aim for the Same Style.

If new to layering, make it easier for yourself by picking jewelry that has the same style; whether that be tassels, vintage, pearls, spikes, or just plain gold. If you choose pieces that have similar aesthetic, it makes the whole outfit look more put together.

3. Combine Short and Long Necklaces.

Want to wear a long statement necklace? Put it with a few shorter, dainty necklaces or some simple earrings to create a classy, yet understated vibe.

4. Harp on Different Shapes, Thickness, and Placements on Your Body.

When it comes to Bracelets, it helps to vary in thickness and shapes. Layer some thin chain bracelets with a chunky bangle, or pair a couple of round bracelets with a square style. You can also throw in a watch that shares the same elements as the bracelets to add more style. With rings, layering on just one finger is not the best look. Maximize the impact by spreading them out across more than one finger and placing them on different sections of your fingers. If you also combine thin and chunky styles and simple round bands with designs that run vertical or horizontal, your layered rings will draw more attention.

5. Find Balance with other Jewelry.

When you layer, you want to focus your attention on one area. If you wish to emphasize your necklaces, keep the bracelets, rings, and earrings minimal. That will give you a more balanced look.

6. Mix n Match Metals and Stones.

Out with the Old Rules and in With the New! Mix your Gold with your Silver, put your Pearl, Diamond, or Emerald rings on different fingers, and create the trendy, grunge look.

7. Pair Chunky with Dainty.

To add some variety to your look, combine chunky jewelry with dainty, thin ones. For example, you might pair a thin gold chain with a small pearl pendant with a strand of large chunky pearls. You can create a bold look by layering several heavy, chunky statement necklaces that rest almost on top of one another—But don’t layer more than two or three statement necklaces or it’ll look too heavy!

8. Start with a Choker and Work Your Way Down.

When layering, varying your length is important to not only make each necklace stand out, but to also keep them from getting tangled. It’s usually best to start with a choker or 16-inch (41-cm) necklace that will fall high on your neckline and go down a couple of inches (5-cm) with each additional necklace.

9. Find Brands You Love!

Figure out which styles and brands you love the most! Lulu’s, Etsy, Lauryn Rose, Anthropologie and more, provide you with a range of styles that fit exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Be You.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what makes you comfortable and happy. Wear what you love and Own It Girl!





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