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Lica Cole: Skin Care Done Right

Brianna Fox-Priest

Lica Cole: Skin Care Done Right - The LV Guide

We feed our bodies with organic, nutrient rich foods. Why not our skin, too? Elica Lemann, the genius behind Lica Cole, the all natural and organic skincare brand, uses her background in medicine and passion for holistic beauty to create a chemical-free and affordable skincare line.

As someone who suffers from extremely dry, sensitive skin (this heat doesn’t help!) I have to be very cautious of what I use on my skin. Most moisturizers don’t work and any sort of harsh chemicals in cleansers burn and break me out. I’ve tried so many different skin care regimens to help my skin but I go through the same ordeal of suffering from break outs and dry patches. Even trying to eat healthier did nothing for my skin, but then after trying Lica Cole I realized what I had been lacking. An organic skin care regimen!

Lica Cole: Skin Care Done Right - The LV Guide

Lica Cole is all about using wholesome, organic ingredients with restorative properties. The Good Vibe line is made with fairtrade, organic materials such as the matcha. This green, antioxidant rich powder can be found in all of the products. It can protect from inflammation and reduce signs of aging (what we all want, right?!)

Some of the best sellers include the Ayurvedic Smoothing Silk, Organic Whipped Butter, Organic Polishing Paste, and Organic Cleansing Smoothie. Upon first use of these products, I immediately noticed how clean and refreshed my skin felt! I use all four products every single day. Lica Cole truly changed the way I take care of my skin. My all time favorite is the Ayurvedic Smoothing Silk. With a blend of sandalwood and neroli, it makes the face feel silky smooth. Perfect as a moisturizer after cleansing, or as a primer! I often will use it on dry areas of my body as well. I definitely recommend you grab a jar before they’re gone since products are made in small batches.

Lica Cole is truly the definition of organic, luxury skin care! Lemann’s attention to detail and passion for organic ingredients makes her a true skincare guru. I am now forever a loyal customer of Lica Cole!







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