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Mom With Style: Meal Planning for a Busy Week

Nina Rand

Mom With Style: Meal Planning for a Busy Week - The LV Guide

I used to love spending a couple of hours on Pinterest choosing new recipes to make on any given week. Now, as a working mom of two kids with busy schedules, I have to make my meal planning time a little bit more strategic. I try to plan for quick, easy and healthy meals throughout the week and here are the three things I focus on:

Call In Help // We use Plated every week for 3 dinners for me and my husband. Since our Plated menu changes every week, we always get to try new meals and keep dinners interesting. I also love that most meals are minimal on clean-up, perfect on portion size and take usually 30-40 minutes to prepare.

Did you know there is also a lunch delivery service for kids? Wise Apple is a new-to-us program that delivers fresh lunches to you on a weekly basis to pack up for your kids. The food is SO good that I’ve wanted to steal my son’s lunches on a few occasions! Check out their website to see if the service is available near you and use the code NINA for $20 off of your first week of meals.

Give Yourself A Break // As easy as it is to have meals delivered, sometimes you don’t have time to cook, or you’re just too darn tired to do it! For us, we still almost prefer to eat at home so, once a week, I always plan a crock pot meal, or something big that reheats well (like fajitas with rice) to have leftovers for those “don’t want to cook” nights. I also always add things to my grocery list to make sandwiches and salads (which are handy for both quick lunches and no-work dinners).

My best advice here is to take it easy on yourself and allow yourself to make a few meals as easy as possible. Our priority is to eat dinner together as a family, and it’s okay if that’s just a few turkey sandwiches!

Plan Ahead // My husband and I are partners in our meal prepping and planning, so we work together to take an hour or so every Sunday to prep meals for the week. During this time, we’ll make breakfast bowls with oatmeal and toppings, cutting up fruit for snacks and making lunches (we use these containers to take to work) with rice, a protein and lots of veggies.

It is definitely a lot of work to take the time to prep and plan meals for the week. However, if you think about it and do it on the front end of the week, you’ll be off to a great start and your days will be much easier – and even healthier!

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