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Mom With Style: 4 Mom-Friendly Bags

Nina Rand

Mom With Style: 4 Mom-Friendly Bags - The LV Guide

I’ve always been one to carry around a lot of things, but when I became a mom, that went to an entirely new level! From diapers to makeup, there are a lot of “must haves” that I take with me nearly everywhere. Thankfully, there are so many great, mom-friendly bags out there that are great for days with the kids, traveling and even date nights!

Birdling Essentials Tote

The Birdling Essentials Tote is a great everyday bag. It has several pockets (with cute little labels!) for everything from a snack, to your wallet to your laptop or tablet. I take my organization with this one to another level by keeping a couple of Truffle pouches in it for my makeup and essentials, as well as diapers and baby needs.

Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote

For a quick grab and go tote, I love the St. Anne Tote. You can design your own tote with a variety of patterns, as well as adding a monogram that fits your style. These totes have a ton of space, and are also really foldable so they’re perfect for throwing in a suitcase and taking out as you need when it on the go!

BURU White Label Citrus Clutch

This little lemon clutch is not only adorable but it’s super mom-friendly. It’s the perfect size for an iPhone 7+, a travel pack of wipes and diapers – plus you can throw in a lipstick and some concealer too.

Mingle Mingle Mama

Hands free is the way to be when you’re a mom on the go! This Kelly Wynne Mingle Mingle Mama is a perfect crossbody for glamming things up a bit. It’s a spacious little bag for carrying around what you need on a quick trip out for when you’re sans-kids for a date night!








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