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Mom With Style: St. Patrick’s Day

Nina Rand

Mom With Style: St. Patrick's Day

As a mom of two little kids, it seems with every month comes a new holiday. The good part about this is that there is always something to celebrate and have fun with. But on the other hand, sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with something creative and fun for each event.

In March, St. Patrick’s Day is the big celebration (quickly followed by the first day of spring and warm temperatures, right?) and there are plenty of fun ways to dress, eat and enjoy the holiday, whether you’ve got little ones to keep busy or girlfriends to entertain!


As far as I’m concerned, holidays are always an excuse to dress up (and maybe pick up something new), so I planned ahead and did a little shopping to keep things looking festive around our house.

For the boys, I found the cutest Etsy shop, Cuddle Sleep Dream, where you’ll see St. Patrick’s Day outfits complete with ties, bow ties and “lucky” leggings.

If you’re looking for a couple of stylish ways to sport your green, I love these lime green tassel earrings and this ruffled green dress. Both of these are great options to take you from daytime to a St. Patrick’s Day date night!


When I was little, my mom would make us “green lunches” with everything green, including the bread she would make at home in the bread maker. Now that I actually own said 20 year old bread maker, I’m thinking I’ll do the same thing for my boys. To do this, all you do is add green food coloring to the milk in the recipe – so easy!

We all can never get enough greens, right? So, start your St. Patrick’s Day in a festive way with a green smoothie. There are tons of great options at Simple Green Smoothies. And if you’re a big fan and want to make this a habit, they also have a book!


Did you know that you can often pick up Shamrocks at your local florist? I picked up a few of them, in cute little tins, to add some spring greenery to our table. They’re actually very pretty and bloom with lovely white flowers. Plus they’re quite easy to care for and need sunlight and just a bit of water when they start to droop.

Now, I can easily come up with ways to dress and eat for a holiday but when it comes to what to do, I always require a little help from Pinterest. I think this little leprechaun footprint craft is really cute and a fun way to both decorate your house and play a bit with your little ones.

So you started your day with a green smoothie, you deserve to end your day with a green cocktail. How about a spicy Matcha Margarita or maybe a fresh Cucumber Vodka Soda? Cheers!









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