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Mules, Mules, Mules!

Blaire Rasner

Every season I always get so excited for new trends, particularly shoe trends. Sometimes the perfect shoe can take such a simple outfit and elevate it to a chicer look. This spring season the shoe I’m most excited for is the mule-this style has been featured in every runway collection, on every fashion blog, and fashionistas simply can’t get enough of it! This shoe is so easy to slip on, and also so easy to style. Below are some of the different types of mules, and some fun ways to style them:

Steve Madden, one of my favorite shoe brands, even has a designated section on their website under “Trends” called “Mule Musts”. If you’re looking for a pair of mules, this is definitely a go to spot. They have plenty of options, open or closed toe, flat or heel!

Flat: “Hazel
Mule Trend | The LV Guide
This simple style is perfect for a casual outfit kinda day. Pair this with a cute shift dress, romper, or even a pair of bell bottom jeans!

Heel: “Rixy

Mule Trend | The LV Guide

This look would pair perfectly with a chic pair of culottes, or even cropped flared denim! Feel free to style with a dress or skirt as well!

Some other styles I have seen and loved are this fun metallic pair from Asos: “Highland

Mule Trend | The LV Guide

This super chic sneaker version from Zara: “Frayed Edge Mule Sneaker

Mule Trend | The LV Guide

And lastly this summery espadrille style from Sam Edelman: “Lynda Bow Espadrille Mule

Mule Trend | The LV Guide

Whichever style you prefer, just make sure you have a pair of mules for the spring and summer season- I promise you don’t want to miss out!







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