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National Lipstick Day

Samantha Figueroa

National Lipstick Day has been a thing for a few years now. Obviously, this holiday is completely commercial. But as far as we’re concerned, it can be whatever the heck it wants to be. Commercial or not, we’re celebrating. Every. Damn. Year.

And every year brands do a “Happy National Lipstick Day!” post on social media, featuring their best-selling shades, vintage lipstick inspo, videos, collages. Bloggers feature their favorite formulas of all time, makeup artists tout their go-to shades. You name it, in terms of lipstick content, it gets done. It seems, though, that brands are starting to recognize the actual power of this made-up holiday and want to truly celebrate with their customers. How? Via free lipsticks. We really hope this takes off as the Black Friday for lipstick, and that MAC Cosmetics and Kat Von D are the pioneers of the onslaught of promos and sales that are to come in future years. This year, you can get a free tube of lipstick from these brands. How? Keep reading.

Kat Von D is offering their $15, a full $6 off regular retail, and with code LIPSTICK at checkout, you can also get a free Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

And if you haven’t already heard what you thought was the fake news that MAC Cosmetics is giving away lipstick, we’re here to tell you – totally factual. Just show up at a MAC store near you and pick from a selection of lipsticks. Supplies are limited.

Cheers to National Lipstick Day!









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