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Need-To-Know Insider Beauty & Makeup Tips

Cassandra Ruth

Need-To-Know Insider Beauty & Makeup Tips - The LV Guide

There are some easy-to-do makeup tips that you’re probably neglecting. Whether you’ve forgotten about them or I’m opening your eyes to them for the first time, these steps can make ALL the difference.

1) You aren’t washing your brushes enough. REALLY not enough. Most of us use our makeup brushes daily, or even more than once daily if touching up our glam before going out at night. Unfortunately, our beloved tools are powerhouses for germs & dirt. Don’t panic, but these things can easily become scary germy. You don’t want to be rubbing old makeup residue, dust, or oils and skin particles from your epidermis into your face each day. That’s begging for breakouts. The pros emphasize that you should be thoroughly cleaning your brushes at minimum once a week, and if possible sanitizing daily. For this deep cleanse, spring for a brush shampoo whose formula will get deep down in the bristles to remove the dirt. Then, use a daily sanitizing spray to kill bacteria. Your skin will thank you for stepping up your brush hygiene.

2) Say “Mama!”  Every makeup artist has his or her own way of applying an even coat of lipstick- I picked up this trick of the trade working an event with celebrity makeup artist and makeup mogul Mally Roncal. Instead of blotting your lips with a tissue or rubbing them together, say “Mama.” Pop the syllables slowly, “Muh-muh,” to get the smoothing effect. The weight of your lips presses the pigments down and the puff of air dries the wet coat, leaving your lipstick locked in and glob-free. Yassss, mama!

3) The Power of the Cold Rinse. In case you haven’t heard this hair legend, one of the angels at Drybar has confirmed the science of it for us. When rinsing your hair after conditioning, use cold water for the best results. A cool blast of water causes the cuticles of your hair to tighten around the shafts, cutting down the appearance of frizz and keeping your hair healthily moisturized.

4) Criminal Neckligence. When applying your favorite luxury face cream, do you use it on your neck? If you do, do you use it just as generously as you do on your face? One of the leading ways to speed up the aging of skin is dehydration. The neck is one of the places that wrinkles the most as you age, yet it is often overlooked in beauty routines until an age where it is too late. Experts say that your moisturizer should be spread on your and all the way down to your collarbone/ décolletage. Give your skin a drink and make sure it is getting the moisture that it deserves! If your budget really can’t afford to be going through jars of your holy grail face cream that quickly, pick up a more affordable facial moisturizer at the drugstore and use that from the neck-down- saving the expensive product for your face. If we play our skincare routine cards right, in 40+ years we’ll be the youngest looking Golden Girls around.






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