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A Night In: Pamper Session

Brianna Fox-Priest

Pamper Session | Lilliana Vazquez, The LV Guide

When I need a pick me up or I had long work week, I take the time to treat myself to a pamper session. I try to do this a least once a week because in the wise words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation, “treat yo’ self!” Here are my three essential steps for a perfect pamper sesh.

Step one: Bath Time

For my night in pamper session I have to have a bath. My bath has to have glimmering candles and bath bombs of course! I love the Signature Soy candles from Target. They are a soy wax base which burns cleaner than normal wax candles and burns for about 50 hours. My favorites are the White Hyacinth and Cozy Nights, in stores you can usually find them on sale for $5, a steal if you ask me! After I run a warm bath I toss in a bath bomb from Lush. I typically opt for Twilight, because lavender is my all time favorite scent and is perfect for relaxing.

Step two: Face Mask

After my bath I will start my skincare routine. Unlike my normal routine I will take the time to actually wash my face properly because more often than not I am guilty of just using a face wipe rather than cleansing. After I have cleansed my skin I take my trusty Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask and smooth it all over my face. It contains active charcoal to remove toxins and impurities from the skin and pores. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes or until it’s completely dry. After washing it off I will dowse my skin in Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence to tone and hydrate my skin. Lastly I will use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream.

Step Three: Movie in Bed

Okay I must admit this is my favorite part of the night! I cozy up in bed with a good movie and my new fav ice cream from Halo Top (seriously so good and only 280 calories!). Right before I actually lay down I spray my pillow with Zum Mist in lavender to help relax me and get me ready for some Z’s.

Pamper Session | Lilliana Vazquez, The LV Guide









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