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How To: Host A Plant-Based Dessert Bar

Brianna Fox-Priest

Dessert Bars are the best part of any party! A dessert bar is perfect for any type of setting. Are you having a movie night with your gal pals? Dessert Bar. Birthday party? Dessert bar! The options are truly endless. For those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth but want to have healthier options, I recommend hosting a plant-based dessert bar.

The term “plant-based” is a newer concept that has been added to our vernacular. Unlike Veganism, being plant-based is strictly for health reasons, not ethics. The purpose is to consume more whole-foods, more fruits, vegetables, legumes and minimize the consumption of meat, animal based products, and processed foods. Which is super easy to do with desserts!

How To Host A Plant-Based Dessert Bar - The LV Guide

Have your cake and eat it too! Plant-based desserts can taste amazing and be healthier for you. With your dessert bar, you can include as many delicious plant-based desserts as you like. I’ve included some easy to follow recipes, and great brands you can find at your local grocery store!

Watermelon Serving Bowl

For something easy yet impressive you can carve your own watermelon bowl. I cut one mini watermelon in half and used a melon baller to create fancy looking melon balls. Fill your fruit bowl with melon and other fresh fruits!

Chocolate Covered Frozen Fruit Bars

Another easy recipe, that is semi-homemade. Purchase your choice of 100% frozen fruit bars, melt dark chocolate and drizzle on top (sprinkles optional!).

Made By Scratch Desserts

If you have the time and basic baking skills try these simple recipes. Some decadent raspberry fudge brownies will certainly make any chocolate lover happy. Try this healthy and completely plant-based cherry ice cream!

What To Buy

For those who would rather pick up a few things before rather than make desserts, try finding a local plant-based restaurant or bakery. Most cities now are full of vegan/plant-based business that offer amazing sweet treats. Brands you can find at the grocery store include Annie’s (go for their fruit snacks), and Kashi.

Let the festivities begin! To really make your dessert bar ‘WOW’ your guest, decorate your tablescape with fun, colorful decorations and utensils.





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