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Ready, Set, Glow: Our GlamGlow Obsession

Cassandra Ruth

Ready, Set, Glow: Our GlamGlow Obsession - The LV Guide

Looking fresh and sun-kissed in even the sunniest days of summer isn’t as easy as it looks. To be honest, it is way more humid and sweaty out here than any of us like to admit. All of the stickiness and sun-exposure can leave your pores looking like a crowded beach. Give your summer skin the purge that it deserves by stepping up for some serious rejuvenation. And what better way is there to do that than with the perfect treatment?

Enter GlamGlow, a professional skincare brand that used to only be used backstage in fashion until it was made public. They have been made famous for their cult favorite face masks, which people flock to Sephora for. However, the truly glammest of the GlamGlows is the DREAMDUO Overnight Transforming Treatment.

Elizabeth Taylor, sitting in front of an Old Hollywood vanity and putting on cold cream, is what comes to mind when using GlamGlow’s DREAMDUO. Something feels so innately luxurious (dare I say, glamorous) about this two-step treatment. The cool factor goes right down the packaging design- the reflective silver jar is split in half with a wave, separating the yin and the yang of these creams. The gel-like creams are applied in two steps. First, to a clean face, apply the light pearl DREAMSERUM all over. After about 30 seconds, apply the dark gray DREAMSEAL formula over your face as well, sealing in the moisturizing effects of the serum. Then, wake up with your cheeks feeling insanely soft. Voilà. Too easy, right?

Do you remember the scene in Mean Girls where Aaron Samuels tells Regina George, “Your face smells like Peppermint,” and he thinks that her face smells really good? When applying DREAMDUO, wait for someone to utter “Your face smells like GlamGlow” in the same tone of wonder. It has a lovely sweet smell that consistently keeps noses coming back for more. Equally important to the sniff factor is DREAMDUO being a gentle formula that can comfortably be rubbed all over sensitive skin, like mine, with no issues. All of the applause for that one, GlamGlow.

At any age, skin hydration is important. The younger you start, the better- it is never too early, or too late, to start taking better care of the largest organ on your body. DREAMDUO has seeped its way into our hearts and medicine cabinets. Has it found a spot in yours?









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