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DIY Denim Hem

Lilliana Vazquez

DIY Denim Hem - The LV Guide

We found this fabulous DIY, perfect for petites, on Itsty Bitsy Indulgences and had to try it! It’s always hard for petite women to find jeans that fit well – especially when it comes to finding the perfect length. The Step Hem is perfect because you can tailor them to your perfect length while also being able to take part in a super popular trend right now. It’s also a great way to re-vamp your wardrobe. You can take a pair of jeans that you might not wear very often and make them more on trend. This DIY project is a way to recycle and repurpose your clothing!

DIY Cutting Advice:
– Make sure you use a super sharp scissors (dull scissors don’t create as clean of a cut)
– Try distressing the hem a little to make it look worn in. Turn the sharp edge of the scissors sideways and run it along the hem to do this.
– Air on the side of caution when shortening your denim for a DIY project. Only cut off a little bit at a time and then try on the jeans in between each cut until you find it’s the perfect length for you. It’s always better for them to be a little to long (because you can always cut off a little bit more) than them being too short because you cut off too much too quickly.








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