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Style Tips: What’s Old Is New

Blaire Rasner

One of my favorite things about fashion is how what comes around always comes back around after it’s gone. Some of our favorite trends from the past are almost always going to be in style again. With that being said, you don’t always have to wait for your favorite piece to come back in style again, if you know how to make it work! Here are some of my favorite styles that I’ll never let go of:

What's Old, Is New - Style Tips - The LV Guide

1. Graphic T-Shirt: In my opinion, I don’t believe a graphic t shirt will ever go out of style. Whether it’s trending in stores or not, I think there are plenty of chic ways to style a graphic tee! Pair it with your favorite ripped jeans and sneakers, or throw a blazer on top and add a chunky heel to dress it up. You can also style it with a flannel and biker boots to give yourself an edgier look!

What's Old, Is New - Style Tips - The LV Guide
2. Oversized sweaters: Oversized sweaters are another piece I will forever wear and love. What makes them so essential to my wardrobe is their versatility. In the winter, layer it with a vest and pair with skinny jeans and boots. In the spring and fall, style it with super baggy ripped jeans. And in the summer, there’s nothing cuter than a baggy sweater and cut off shorts!

What's Old, Is New - Style Tips - The LV Guide
3. Flared jeans: I’ll never forget when skinny jeans took over and eliminated the bell bottom style – I was devastated. After a few years of wearing strictly skinny, the bell bottom was back and I never got rid of it again! Since I’m tall, I like to wear bell bottoms with longer pieces on top. During the winter I pair my flared jeans with a longer sweater, and booties. The more elongated I am, the better! In the spring and summer time I style bell bottoms with any sort of bohemian light weight top. To me, bohemian can always be made chic!

These are only just a few of my favorites, but there are plenty more old trends that can be made new again! Comment below what pieces you feel may have gone off trend and I would love to help you make them work again!

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