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Summer Getaway: Unplug

Sarahanne Alexander

Summer always goes by so quick and as the season winds down, our weekend getaway opportunities are fleeting. What better way to embrace the last few weeks of summer than to totally unplug and live in the moment? Grab a few friends, ditch your phones, and get in touch with the world around you.

Check out a few ways to take a screen break:


Make it a rugged, overnight excursion. Bring your tent, pack your sleeping bag, and get ready for a night under the sky. Choose between car camping, where you’re in a campground with new friends to meet, or hike to a backcountry site, where it’s you, the fireflies, and stars. But be sure to know the regulations and store your food properly, so that it really is just you, the fireflies, and the stars!

Summer Getaway: Unplug


Looking for a way to disconnect while enjoying the luxuries of home? There are tons of glamping options, like staying in a yurt, or a bungalow, or embracing van life. After all, wouldn’t like rolling out of a comfy bed and enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck of your cabin while overlooking a serene lake? You get the same benefits of being in a beautiful place, without the hassle of setting up a tent.


Looking for something short and sweet and not overnight? Take a day hike! Find your nearest mountain, hike along a river, or take a stroll through your favorite park. There are so many places to choose from and national, state, and county parks are closer than you think. Bonus: Many national parks are in remote places, meaning no cell phone service to distract you!

Summer Getaway: Unplug

Unplugging is easier than you think and will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. So this weekend, leave your phone behind and go explore your world!

(Note: Don’t just go off into the wilderness without telling anyone. Share your plan with someone who’s staying behind. Include details like: Where you’ll be, when you expect to return, and the route you’re taking. Then stick to that plan!)

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