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The Best Apps For Parties

Samira Alaouie

The Best Apps For Parties - The LV Guide

Memorial Day is almost here! It’s time to get together with friends and family to enjoy spring. There are so many apps to help you plan a party and make it even more fun. Here are the best apps for parties:

Invitd is a simple way to send personalized invitations in a text message. Create an event, add guests, and a unique link will be sent to them in a text. The people you invite do not need the app, they can just view the link with your party details and reply with the link. You can get a notification when someone responds, as well as track opened invites, RSVPs, and other details.

Pinterest is the best app to find recipes for food and drinks, as well as finding theme and decoration ideas. Just like the website, the Pinterest app lets you search for anything you ever wanted to know about party planning. Search “Memorial Day Party Ideas” to get really creative ideas. The Easy Flag Fruit Dessert is simple and delicious!

Spotify has party playlists like Pop Party, Holiday Party, Dance to the Decades, House Party, and so many more. You can adjust the playlists to your mood, from toned down to more upbeat. The lists have been mixed by DJs so each song blends in with the next one.

StarMaker and Smule are great karaoke apps with features like audio effects, the ability to record music videos, and more. StarMaker has new songs from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Drake, Meghan Trainor, and others. Smule also has the option to let you sing video duets with artists like Jessie J, Carly Rae Jepsen, Silento, and others.

Heads Up is the app Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show. Each person takes a turn giving clues about a list of words from different categories, like celebrities, movies, animals, accents, and more. The other person has to guess the clues before time runs out. When each person’s turn is over, you can watch the video of the person who just gave the clues.

Truth or Dare is a classic game, this app has thousands of truths and dares. It’s customizable, and can vary from clean to mature. There’s an option to play all truth or all dare, and you can even add your own truths or dares.

Keepsake is a photo app that lets you send group photos really easily and quickly. Take photos directly from the app or add photos from your camera roll. You can send a whole album of photos from a party to a group of friends. The app gives you unlimited photo storage so you can save space on your phone. You can even unsend a photo with one tap anytime.









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