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Travel Makeup Brushes With Sigma Beauty

Samantha Figueroa

Sigma Travel Makeup Brushes | The LV Guide

Any gal on the go (which these days is really every gal), needs a good set of on-the-go brushes. There are tons of options out there, in cases, bags, and more. The issue with carrying brushes while on-the-go for me is that the always end up squished at the bottom of my bag (and it’s quite the tote). I end up with flat bristles that need serious reshaping.

Sigma Beauty’s Make Me Classy Travel Kit should be in any girl’s arsenal. Whether I’m going on a quick weekend getaway, doing my makeup in the car (while my husband drives!), or going on a long vacation, this set has every brush I need, and some of their best-selling – from blush, foundation and contour to eyeshadow brushes (blending and application) and even a precision brush I can use for winged eyeliner or to fill in my eyebrows. And when I need to, I can even switch out other Sigma brushes (like my favorite foundation brush of all time – the F80) that fit in the travel sized case.

The case itself is sturdy, so it holds up well in suitcases, handbags, during air travel, etc. And it’s designed so that when you open it up to get ready wherever you are, you have two makeup cups to hold your brushes and keep your work area neat. This is definitely a must-have item for any subway-commuting, jet-setting, always-busy girl on the go.









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