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Mom WIth Style: Wearing Spring Colors Without Worry

Nina Rand

Blush Spring Color | Lilliana Vazquez, The LV Guide

I am so ready for spring! It’s finally warming up and we have had a few sunny days in a row, so it’s time to put away the winter coats and get out the sandals (with my fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing anything!).

On any given day, you can often (VERY often) find me wearing a lot of black, but I’ve really been looking forward to changing things up this spring and adding in some more color. I’ve especially been gravitating toward blush pink and all white looks.

The problem I always run into when wearing these light color trends in my everyday style is that I have two little kids and that always means the risk of something sticky or staining making its way to my outfit. I’m a big believer in playtime and also keeping your personal style, so here’s how I’m shopping smart to make sure I can do both this season:

Washable Fabrics
Make it easy on yourself and look for things that you can wash at home with easy care instructions. I’ve found things like blush pink chinos, this pretty pink cotton wrap tee and this white blouse, all of which can be washed at home. When it comes to white jeans, I try not to overspend on them and I carefully wash them. I wash everything on the delicates cycle, and I turn my white jeans inside out and hang dry to keep them in great shape.

Try a Print
Prints are amazing at hiding little handprints (or even drops of salad dressing from a lunch date!). I love these floral print shorts with a chambray top for something fun or just a great striped dress for an everyday go-to option.

Accessorize It!
When all else fails, use your accessories to integrate trends! Try these white fringe earrings or these pretty pink baubles to add that color to your look. You can also tie a scarf to your handbag or diaper bag.

How are you planning to style spring colors this season?







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