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What We’re Wearing: Band T-Shirts

Rachel Moskowitz

It’s a beautiful thing when music intersects with fashion. Some shirts are like music. They’re classic. They never go out of style. So whip out your favorite old band tee and get ready to take a stroll down memory lane. How, you ask?

Honestly, these old gems can go with just about everything and vamp up your street style. For example, pair it with your favorite ripped jean shorts (or cutoff jeans) and sandals and you’re ready to not only hit the beach, but hit the town. Adding a tailored blazer or some flats can send a simultaneously edgy and yet polished vibe. There are some tricks to making the look more feminine as well. Knotting your tee works nicely. Or you could also pair it with a fitted skirt and some heels. It’s sort of a rocker chick meets school girl look. Now throw on a statement necklace and you’re good to go. Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the shamelessly dedicated “I’m with the band” look. Go with an all-black color palette with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans. This outfit screams rebel-made-chic.

Here are 10 band tees to shop…

Rolling Stones T-Shirt

Guns & Roses Band T-Shirt

Madonna Band T-Shirt

Ramones 1979 Rock Printed Tee

Journey Band T-Shirt

Grateful Dead T-Shirt

ACDC Band T-Shirt

Pink Floyd Band T-Shirt

Jimi Hendrix Band Tee

Led Zeppelin Band T-Shirt










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