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Why We Love Battington Lashes

Lilliana Vazquez

Why We Love: Battington Lashes - The LV Guide

I’m thrilled to be the Creative Director of Battington Lashes! As a beauty junkie I’ve tried THOUSANDS of products, but none has ever motivated me to reach out to the founder and beg for a role with the company. The second I put on these eyelashes (I usually wear the Kennedy or the Monroe) I knew I wanted to part of this brand. Battington is taking lashes to the next level with 3D technology that is unlike any lash you’ve ever worn before. Talk about eye-opening!

Here’s why I love them…

– They are made of 100% handmade silk.
– They are some of the most natural looking lashes on the market.
– You can apply each pair up to 25 times with proper care (which makes them longer lasting than most lashes!)
– They are lightweight, hold their curl, and last longer than mink or synthetic lashes.
– They are cruelty free.
– There are 6 styles in the collection (3 are 3D and 3 are regular strip lashes)
– I personally love them because I feel like most strip lashes are very dramatic. What makes Battington Lashes unique is that they are made for everyday glam instead of just special occasion glam.
– They are easy to incorporate in to your every day beauty routine.
– The regular lashes are just a regular strip lash and all of the lashes are set at the same level. The 3D lashes mimic natural lash growth patterns and are super fluffy!

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