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Your Best Summer Skin

Sarahanne Alexander

Summer Skincare - The LV Guide

My favorite part about summer is the relaxed vibe that comes with it. Summer is a time to think minimally and I especially embrace this when it comes to makeup. I’m not a fan of wearing makeup when it’s hot, either it melts off, it washes away, or I’m just too busy getting my beach gear ready to remember to put any on!

Even though I don’t wear a ton of makeup when the sun is out, I still like to put my best face forward. And that means clear, balanced skin. While that’s not achieved overnight (thanks, adult acne), the following list will make this goal a lot more attainable.

Summer Skincare Routine

1. Drink plenty of water. This goes without staying. Keeping hydrated is arguably the best thing you can do for your skin and body. Grosche Marino Water Infuser is a glass bottle (good for hot and cold brew) with an infuser at the bottom. Mix up some homemade recipes for fruit-infused water and you’re good to go! In addition, when you buy a Grosche product, your purchase helps create safe drinking water for those in need. #everycupfillsanother

2. Pick the right cleanser. Our skin changes with the seasons, and it’s important to know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you’re like me and have acne-prone skin, you’re going to love Glytone Acne BPO Clearing Cleanser. It cleanses skin without that tight, dry feeling afterwards. There’s zero irritation, reduced appearance of redness, and it works right away. Can’t ask for much more!

3. Refresh. A quick spritz of Avène Thermal Spring Water after cleansing, exercise, and sun will freshen your skin, providing restoring, softening, and soothing benefits with spring water containing pure rain and sea-spray rich in minerals. Crafted by a Eau Thermale Avène, a company specializing in sensitive skin, this is perfect for adults, children, and infants.

4. Choose matte moisturizer. My current favorite lotion is Cosmedix Shineless Oil-Free Moisturizer. It reduces the appearance of redness, blemishes, and leaves skin looking matte and shine-free. Lilac Stem Cells and Pickly Pear Cactus Extract helps balance excess oil and gives skin a firmer and smoother look. Perfect for a makeup-free look at the beach!

5. Of course, apply sunblock. Glytone Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 40 will protect your skin (face and body) against sunburn, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. Hyaluronic Acid nourishes skin and boosts moisture level while micronized Zinc Oxide provides broad-spectrum protection. In addition, this formula is non-irritating, oil-free, fragrance-free, and water resistant (up to 40 minutes). Proper application, especially when swimming or toweling off, is the most important thing to remember when applying sunscreen, so be sure to read the instructions and protect your skin!









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