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The 5 Cutest Thank You Cards Under $10

Sydney Lester

The 5 Cutest Thank You Cards under $10 - The LV Guide

A thoughtful, handwritten thank you note never goes out of style. There’s something about getting an envelope in the mail, addressed to you, and topped off with a beautiful stamp. It’s a personal gift that is often unexpected in today’s world of e-cards, emails, text messages and emojis.

I have a friend and colleague who is the queen of sending thank you notes. I’ve done several professional events with her and after every single one, she’s sent a cute little card (different designs each time), hand addressed, and with a sweet note expressing her thanks. She keeps a little pouch with her at all times that is stocked with cards, pens, and stamps so that when she’s in between meetings she can jot out thank you notes to those she’s recently met or had coffee with, her colleagues, or business collaborators.

Of course you can run to Target and find a ton of cute thank you cards, but a handmade touch always goes the extra mile when sending your thanks. We’ve rounded up 5 of the cutest thank you cards, all for under $10!

Paper Sheriff – A card in a fun color is sure to brighten anyone’s day! These from Paper Sheriff are cheeky and chic.

Kirra Reyna Designs – These cute little cacti cards are perfect for the plant lover in your life. They actually come as a printable PDF so that you can print + fold on your own custom paper for an even more personal touch!

JP Stationary – These beautiful watercolor cards are the perfect combination of modern and delicate and they are available in an array of custom colors.

Four Letter Word Cards – Who doesn’t love donuts?? Perfect for the foodie in your life!

Design Twenty Five – Romantic and perfectly feminine, these chalkboard inspired cards are a beautiful way to express your thanks.


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