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Currently Loving: Kiehl’s Cucumber Cleanser

Cassandra Ruth

The best spas always have cucumber water to sip on. There is something about cucumber water that gives you the calmest, cleanest feeling. Doesn’t your skin deserve the same treatment? Kiehl’s has brought us the face wash that’s truly cool as a cucumber.

Kiehl’s new Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser is the new best friend of anyone who has sensitive or dry skin. This refreshing, soft face wash is the perfect daily cleanser for the sensitive skin crowd. It smells like cucumbers, cleans without drying, and moisturizes without being greasy. What more can one ask for in life?

The formula is free of sulfates, which are actually aggressive and detrimental to your skin’s overall health, and predominantly uses glycerin to retain your skin’s moisture. The combination of glycerin and cooling cucumber extract create the calming, moisturizing cleanser. Truly a breath of fresh air for tired, dry skin.

With this Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser, Kiehl’s has managed to deliver what many dermatologic companies fail to- a product that doesn’t smell like chemicals. When describing the face wash as “cucumber scented,” Kiehl’s isn’t joking around. The first time I tried this cleanser, it smelled so much like fresh cucumbers that I actually had to go to Trader Joe’s and buy myself some tzatziki sauce. We’re talking majorly perfect cucumber vibes here. This dose of cucumber is the key element that makes the product so soothing. Just like when drinking that favorite cucumber spa water, opening cucumber face wash is that extra little moment of peace in your day. My own sensitive skin when using it? No redness or irritation.

Kiehl’s is a brand that you always know you can count on. Their wide range of products for both men & women are known for being well-made and reliable. Living up to that name, this cleanser doesn’t disappoint. Go ahead, give this cucumber scented cleanser a try. It might be exactly the product that your bathroom counter has been looking for.










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