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Interview With Hair Stylist Mika Rummo

Mika Rummo

Interview With Hair Stylist Mika Rummo - The LV Guide

To get ready for fall, we asked Lilliana’s hairstylist, Mika Rummo of Salon AKS in NYC, to share a few tips and trends with us! (Thank you, Mika! xx)

1. With fall (and cold weather) approaching, what changes should we make in our hair care routine?

Do bi-weekly moisturizing treatments – during a workout or watching your favorite TV show are the best times! Now that humidity is no longer in the air, we need to hydrate hydrate hydrate our hair to keep it shiny, full of bounce and free of that dreadful static that comes with cold weather. Using a leave in conditioner on your ends is a good habit to keep static at bay and protect the hair.

2. What colors and cuts are you loving for fall? (Any celebrity hair favorites?)

Loving Jessica Biel’s look! Her August 2017 Marie Claire spread was exactly what fall hair is all about – warm, rich brunettes. Tone on tone highlights. And bangs! They are huge for fall.

3. How often are we really supposed to be getting a trim?

6-12 weeks depending on hair length. Shorter hair requires more frequent haircuts because it must hit certain points on the body to feel sharp and fresh. Longer hair can go longer as long as you are regularly doing moisturizing treatments for the ends.

4. Do you have any favorite products or tools that we should try?

Klorane dry shampoo – its non-drying, will extend the life of your blow dry 3-4 days and it doesn’t leave residue in the hair, so it still feels clean after using it. Also, the Hot Tools Curl Bar – its unique shape makes it easier to curl your own hair.

5. What do you recommend to those of us stuck in a hair rut aka afraid to make a change?

Clip-in bangs!! They are so versatile and easy to use! Adjust the placement of them in your hair depending on wether you want a full bang look or a side swept look. Use them when your hair is in a ponytail or while wearing it down. I’m wearing mine today!








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