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Here’s Why Fall Is The Best Time To Travel

Sarahanne Alexander

Here's Why Fall Is The Best Time To Travel - The LV Guide

I don’t know about you, but I always have so many trips I want to make in the summer and there never seems to be enough time! If you’re like me and have unfinished fun business to attend to, have no fear, because traveling in the fall is actually the best.

Perks of Fall Travel:

Awesome Weather

I’m convinced autumn is the best time to travel anywhere. In the south, the extreme heat and humidity drop off, but you still get sunshine for some late-season beach or hiking trips. In the northwest, the sun peaks out after the foggy summers and just before the rainy season hits. In the northeast, you can wholeheartedly embrace fall foliage. Due to the mild climate of fall, you don’t have to worry about melting away in the heat or packing your puffy winter jacket. Instead you can embrace light layers- think layers- think flannels, sweaters, and blanket scarves!

Note: I must admit I don’t have personal autumn travel experience in every part of the country, but I’m willing to bet the weather is fantastic anywhere!

Minimal Crowds

Autumn and spring are known as the travel shoulder seasons. They fall (ha!) between beach season and hitting the slopes, so there aren’t usually very many people out and about. Add this to the fact that school is in session, and there are more opportunities for you and your fav person to take an adult-only trip together without the crowds. While fall travel cuts down on some of the summer and winter highlights (for example, October is a little early for snow in many places), it gives you a chance to explore other aspects of those destinations. Also, less people means less traffic!

The Food

Apples and pumpkins and butternut squash, oh my! Some places are known for their fall dishes. My hometown is obsessed with apples. There’s apple everything: apple butter, apple pie, apple crisp, hot apple cider *swoon*. You name it, we put apples in it. But apple picking really only happens in the fall. Just like pumpkin picking and harvesting squash for yummy soup. So go on a hunt for the best orchard around and then check out the season-specific dishes that town is famous for!

It’s Less Expensive!

Shoulder season prices tend to drop dramatically compared to their in-season counterparts. Have you ever checked out vacation rental prices in early November? Talk about a steal. Booking pretty much anything between Labor Day and Thanksgiving means be less dough out of your pocket, so you’ll have more money to spend on fun things!

So to save some cash, beat the crowds, and still have fun, schedule a trip within the next few weeks and finish up those summer plans in fall!







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